Supplemental Disclosure Statement

Senior Finance Advisor (“SFA”) is a promoter for Financial Engines Advisors L.L.C. (“FEA”), a federally registered investment adviser. For each prospective client that SFA forwards to FEA, FEA pays SFA a flat referral fee ranging from $175 to $600, based on the prospective client’s reported portfolio size (“Compensation Arrangement”). The payment of the referral fee is not contingent on whether a prospective client becomes a client of FEA. Due to this Compensation Arrangement, SFA has an added incentive to recommend FEA to you, resulting in a material conflict of interest. SFA’s receipt of a referral fee from FEA does not result in any additional charge to you. The referral fee is paid solely by FEA to SFA regardless of whether you become a client of FEA. Accordingly, FEA will not charge you any additional fees or expenses as a result of the referral fees payable to SFA.

SFA’s role is exclusively limited to that of a promoter and that SFA is not a client, agent, affiliate, representative or employee of FEA. SFA does not provide investment-related advice on behalf of FEA. SFA has agreed to perform its duties in a manner consistent with FEA’s instructions and as required by law. SFA will not make any specific recommendations of securities or any other type of investment; only FEA will make such recommendations if you engage FEA.

If you should have any questions, please contact FEA.