Applying tax-efficient strategies to help you keep more of what you've earned

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Taxes are a key component of your overall financial plan. We can help you with a forward-looking view of each year’s tax considerations by helping you understand the tax implications of your routine financial choices, as well as those that come into play when you’re making major life decisions.

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  1. Forward-looking tax planning strategies tailored to your financial plan
  2. A collaborative approach that taps in-house Certified Public Accountants and experts for your tax needs
  3. An experienced perspective that taxes shouldn't drive decisions but should be a consideration
  4. A core belief that everyone deserves to move their financial life forward
  5. Independent, fiduciary investment advice that always puts your best interests first
  6. Wealth management that seeks to balance maximizing returns, structuring for tax-efficiency and mitigating risk


Your financial planner has detailed knowledge of your wealth plan. They're also supported by experts from our tax planning team who provide you and your planner with strategic guidance to help ensure your plan is tax optimized.

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An integrated approach to wealth management

To help maximize your wealth, your financial life – investment strategy, taxes, insurance, retirement and estate planning – must be wired together in a holistic approach. Your dedicated financial planner can coordinate with a team of experts to connect those different pieces into a cohesive view so you can unlock new ways to help build, grow, protect and preserve your wealth.


Certain services provided on an educational and guidance basis only.


We're uniquely focused on modeling both the risk and return potential of each piece of your financial plan -- we know this takes more than a presumptive, one-size-fits-all approach. We start by evaluating your entire picture, looking for opportunities to adjust and rebalance based on your goals.


To learn more about the role of tax planning and how the Edelman Financial Engines team can help you meet your goals, review some of our most frequently asked questions.

Tax planning is integral to helping maximize and manage your wealth. Tax considerations shouldn't be reactive; you need a tax-savvy partner who can help you understand the tax implications of the financial decisions you make so you can keep more of the money you work hard to earn.

Tax planning should happen every year and every time there is a major financial or life decision. Don't just consider what you want to plan for in the next year, but also many years into the future. Awareness of annual tax filing deadlines and requirements imposed by the IRS is only one small component of the tax planning equation. Our tax laws are also more complex than ever. Forward-looking tax planning should account for both our evolving tax laws and changes to your financial situation.

By working with your financial planner, you can better understand how the choices you make today may impact your future wealth. With your goals and overall life intentions in mind, we'll work with you to understand your complete financial picture. Then we can better assess potential tax benefits and identify opportunities for tax optimization.

Potentially, just like when markets are pulling back and there may be opportunities to harvest losses – the other end of the spectrum also exists where capital gains may be offset in the same year by losses in other investments.

We offer forward-looking tax planning services including tax-efficient strategies that can help you preserve and elevate your wealth. Tax planning sits alongside your overall financial planning and helps to maximize the efficiency of your investments as well as the financial decisions you make over your lifetime.

Your financial planner can bring in our tax experts to collaborate on your tax planning as a part of our integrated wealth management approach. We work as an orchestrated team to help ensure you are matched with resources for your needs.

We don’t offer tax preparation or compliance at this time. We provide forward-looking tax planning to help you stay informed about the potential tax impacts of your decisions so you can work to preserve and elevate your wealth. We can work collaboratively with your tax preparer to help ensure there is a comprehensive review of your overall long-term planning.

At this time, Edelman Financial Engines will continue tax preparation for eligible, legacy Viridian Advisors clients during the 2023 tax filing year (2022 tax returns). Eligible Viridian clients are subject to the terms and conditions in their client agreement with respect to tax preparation.


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