Teachable moments from today’s retirees

Where today’s retirees are financially, and what lessons employers can take to help employees.

Article published: March 01, 2023

It’s a new era of workplace dynamics. Employees feel empowered to ask their employers for more support, while employers are more focused on their workers’ financial health.

To ensure their support makes a meaningful difference throughout their employees’ lives, though, employers must have a deep understanding of employees’ concerns today – as well as the issues they’ll face after they leave the workforce. With this in mind, we, along with the Employee Benefits Research Institute, set out to explore employees’ financial wellness in retirement and learn more about how retirees feel about their finances. And, sadly, the results are troubling.

In this report, we will delve into the financial challenges facing retirees today and how regrets about financial behavior in their working years are reshaping their futures. We’ll share key insights into how financial wellness benefits put retirees on track to success. Finally, we’ll share the steps employers can take today to help bolster employees’ financial wellness and safeguard their financial future.