What employees want, need and expect

Trusted professional advice as they navigate life's financial journeys.

Article published: November 30, 2022

In their journeys towards retirement, employees are faced with a series of complex financial moments in both their personal and professional lives. And they don’t want to navigate them alone.

Our research shows that employees would value access to employer-provided financial advice, particularly as they encounter major life events like getting promoted, starting a family or moving somewhere new.

They understand how critical these moments can be for their financial futures and ultimately, their retirement. And yet, too many simply make important financial decisions on their own or based on unqualified advice from their family, friends and colleagues.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Poor decisions could be prevented by employer-offered financial benefits. These are benefits that employees not only want, but need, and expect.


  1. Help them with their finances
  2. Help them make financial decisions during major life events
  3. Allow them to retire comfortably and on time