We’re actively building a planning team that mirrors the world we live in, and it’s making all the difference for our clients.


The Diverse Planning Needs training program was created to help our planners better serve the needs of people from different backgrounds. The goal of this training is twofold. The first is the transfer of deep knowledge that comes from personal experience – niche expertise that isn’t taught in a traditional financial planning curriculum. These trainings are an opportunity for our planners to help other planners by sharing their own firsthand experiences.   
We want to make sure our planners are aware, for example, that people who are divorced, disabled or are military veterans are entitled to certain benefits. Benefits vary from state to state, so sharing this kind of information helps our planners know what questions to ask in certain situations and unlock financial opportunities for clients who meet those qualifications. 
The second goal is to help our planners develop empathy for people who have a distrust for financial institutions because historically they’ve been underserved by our industry. Hearing firsthand from planners what it’s like to feel dismissed or undervalued can help our planners better react to questions that might initially seem defensive with empathy and understanding.

Understanding that clients’ goals, needs and dreams are shaped by the sum of their experiences helps me effectively guide them in their individual financial journeys. Empathy is the ‘secret sauce’ to a successful planner-client relationship.

Rose Niang, Director, Financial Planner

Having more insight into the unique needs of our clients through the Diverse Planning Needs Training has enabled me to empathize and understand their needs and challenges better. Now, I can educate and make recommendations that are more specific to their situation, helping them build protections and wealth into their financial picture.

Denise Wedepohl, Financial Planner, Workplace

I have multiple clients that mentioned to me that the reason they reached out to me vs. other planners is because I had my pronouns listed on outwardly facing communications. This indicated to those individuals that I may be more sensitive and comfortable around the LGBTQ+ community, not knowing I was gay myself.

Josh Andreasen, Director, Financial Planner



of our financial planners self-identify as Black, LGBTQ+, disabled or other underrepresented groups — a number we’re actively trying to raise by building a team that mirrors the world we live in.