We believe the work we do is a powerful vehicle for social change. Here’s how we’re giving back, by paying it forward.


Edelman Financial Engines was founded on the belief that everyone deserves to move their financial life forward, and by sharing our expertise with the world, we hope to give more people the opportunity to do so.
Dollar Sense is a youth financial literacy program EFE founded in 2022 to help students in grades seven through 12 make better financial decisions as they begin earning income. This free, four-part literacy program teaches students how to manage and grow their money, no matter how much they’re starting out with. All attendees are offered the option to meet with a financial mentor.
Through our partner, the Foundation for Financial Planning, we are helping to expand access to pro bono financial counseling to those who need it. Together, we counsel adults and families on how to pay off debt, budget for everyday expenses and save for their goals.

I’m proud to have helped create and launch EFE’s youth financial literacy program, Dollar Sense. This is an opportunity to address issues of financial literacy that are lacking in many of our communities.

Clarence Haynes, Instructor, Financial Education and Planning