Datalign Advisory, LLC (“Datalign”) is a promoter for federally registered investment advisors, including Financial Engines Advisors L.L.C. (“Edelman Financial Engines” or “EFE”).  EFE has an agreement with Datalign regarding client introductions (referred to as “Leads” or “you”).  If EFE is the only advisor that matches your reported information and meets the criteria set by EFE, EFE will pay Datalign a referral fee of $25 for each Lead introduction.  In exchange, Datalign will share the information you provided through Datalign’s Questionnaire, including your phone number and email address, with EFE.  However, if multiple advisors meet your requirements and are considered equally suitable, Datalign will determine which advisor will receive the Lead introduction based on an auction process. The advisor willing to pay the highest referral fee to Datalign will be the one to receive the Lead introduction. This compensation arrangement creates a conflict of interest because Datalign could generate more revenue by introducing you to an advisor willing to spend the most, rather than the advisor that best suits your needs. It’s important to note that this referral fee is paid solely by EFE and is paid to Datalign regardless of whether or not you end up becoming a client of EFE.  Accordingly, EFE will not charge you any additional fees or expenses as a result of the referral fee payable to Datalign. 

Datalign’s role is exclusively limited to that of a promoter and does not provide investment-related advice on behalf of EFE. Datalign has agreed to perform its duties in a manner consistent with EFE’s instructions and as required by law. Datalign will not make any specific recommendations of securities or any other type of investment; only EFE will make such recommendations if you engage EFE.