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Workplace Services

We offer Online Advice, Managed Accounts, and Personal Advisor services, under the umbrella of fiduciary protection. These comprehensive financial services are designed to move employees’ financial planning forward.

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You’re in good company4

Some of the biggest organizations in the United States hire us to help their employees. All told, over 10 million people have access to our services.

We help participants through each stage of their careers.

We consider risk preference, time horizon, past and present 401(k)s, other household assets, and even company stock. We build each portfolio for each individual. Our commitment to putting our customers’ best interests first drives all our decision-making and product development.

We’re proud to work with these
Retirement Plan Providers

Our goal is to help plan participants retire with confidence. Let’s work together.

Plan Sponsors and Employers

If you are interested in offering advisory services and financial planning to your employees.

Jamie Vining jvining@financial...

(617) 556-2414

Retirement Plan Providers

If you provide record-keeping services and are interested in partnering with us.

Joseph Eck jeck@Financial...

(857) 305-8520

Consultants and ERISA Counsel

If you are a consultant or ERISA counsel with questions about Edelman Financial Engines.

John Payne jpayne@financial...

(857) 305-8514