Edelman Financial Engines Launches New Workplace Financial Wellness Platform

Momentum™ by Edelman Financial Engines provides digital resources and one-on-one counseling and planning services to help employees address the financial “moments that matter”

BOSTON, July 19, 2022 - Edelman Financial Engines, America’s top independent wealth planning and investment advisory firm,1 announced today the launch of Momentum by Edelman Financial EnginesTM, a new holistic financial wellness platform for the workplace. Momentum builds on Edelman Financial Engine’s industry-leading 401(k) advice and management services with a dynamic set of expanded financial wellness, counseling and planning resources – giving employees the momentum they need to accelerate their financial confidence, moment by moment.

“With more than three decades of experience helping employees maximize their workplace retirement plan investments, we know individuals want greater support across their broader financial lives, and they’re looking to their employers for help,” said Kelly O’Donnell, executive vice president and head of Workplace at Edelman Financial Engines. “As a trusted partner that serves thousands of employers and more than 10 million employees every day, we’re expanding our services beyond the 401(k) to help people at these critical stages – from the first day on the job to the time they retire, and every moment in between.”

Recent research from Edelman Financial Engines2 found that nearly three-quarters (73%) of employees expect their employers to provide access to a financial professional when they experience a significant life event. And the need is there: Almost 9 in 10 (89%) said they experienced at least one major personal or professional event during the last five years. Meanwhile, nearly 8 in 10 (79%) confirmed that they hadn’t spoken to a financial professional during those moments; however almost all who did (96%) found the interaction to be highly valuable.

Momentum answers this need by reaching individuals with information and support during their major life events and milestones – which are the times they need it the most. These moments include significant family or health changes, transitions at work, such as a new job or a promotion and decisions around saving for college and retirement. The platform features a library of dynamic digital content, webinars and educational tools and assessments. Employees also have unlimited access to live, one-on-one counseling and planning sessions with Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor® and Certified Financial Planner® credentialed advisors.3 One distinctive feature of the program includes tailored content delivered through Employee Resource Groups and advisors who represent diverse populations. The entire program is fueled by personalized, data-driven communications that support four categories of solutions:

  1. Retirement readiness – Edelman Financial Engine’s industry-leading, in-plan advisory services, which include digital advice, discretionary 401(k) professional management and access to licensed investment advisors,4 as well as Edelman Financial Engine’s new retirement income service, Income Beyond Retirement.
  2. Life’s financial moments – Omni-channel experiences and specialized guidance that address key financial moments, including new hire onboarding and other personal and professional life milestones (family changes, promotions, equity grants and retirement).
  3. Everyday wealth and wellness – Ongoing support for everyday financial questions and needs, including saving, budgeting and debt management, as well as advanced planning assistance.
  4. Diverse employee needs – Individualized experiences designed to address more distinct needs across demographic groups, including targeted webinars for Employee Resource Groups and tailored representative counseling support.

“Financial wellness offerings at the workplace aren’t new, however, there’s a significant opportunity to provide these benefits in a more integrated and effective way,” said Jason Van de Loo, executive vice president and head of Wealth Planning and Marketing at Edelman Financial Engines. “With our ability to deliver unconflicted advice and guidance to clients both inside and outside of retirement plans, we’re one of the only fiduciary advisors that can help employees with 401(k) account management and holistic financial planning services, while supporting employers with their broader human capital efforts.”

Retirement Readiness, EFE’s flagship retirement advice and management services, will continue to remain available as a standalone offering, while the availability of Momentum’s full suite of services will vary. For more information, please visit https://www.edelmanfinancialengines.com/workplace/.

About Edelman Financial Engines

Since 1986, Edelman Financial Engines has been committed to always acting in the best interests of our clients. We were founded on the belief that all investors – not just the wealthy – deserve access to personal, comprehensive financial planning and investment advice. Today, we are America’s top independent financial planning and investment advisory firm, recognized by Barron's1 with 145+ offices2 across the country and entrusted by 1.3 million clients to manage more than $245 billion in assets.3 Our unique approach to serving clients combines our advanced methodology and proprietary technology with the attention of a dedicated personal financial planner. Every client’s situation and goals are unique, and the powerful fusion of high-tech and high touch allows Edelman Financial Engines to deliver the personal plan and financial confidence that everyone deserves. For more information, please visit EdelmanFinancialEngines.com.

1. The Barron’s 2023 Top 100 RIA Firms list, a ranking of independent advisory firms in its eighth year, is qualitative and quantitative, including assets managed by the firms, technology spending, staff diversity, succession planning and other metrics. Firms elect to participate but do not pay to be included in the ranking. Ranking awarded each September based on data within a 12-month period. Investor experience and returns are not considered.

2. Edelman Financial Engines data, as of Dec. 31, 2022.

3. Edelman Financial Engines data, as of September 30, 2023.

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