How Digital Currency Is Changing Your Financial Future

Financial technology is transforming the way we’ll buy and sell things — with big implications for your financial future.

Companies are reshaping the way we’ll handle our banking, investing and insurance needs. And digital currency is rapidly replacing cash — creating new opportunities to simplify our lives!

Join us to discover what financial innovations mean for you and your family — in the not-too-distant future. You’ll learn:

  • How bitcoin will make many transactions less expensive and why the blockchain will profoundly change our economy — enabling more transparency and security for you.
  • How a cashless society with digital currency may reduce crime, increase the tax base and simplify your banking.
  • How the blockchain will digitize and automate insurance, real estate and legal services — eliminating the middlemen — to save you money!

Join New York Times bestselling author, Ric Edelman, as he shares some of the exciting advances happening right now that are changing the future of your money management.

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