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Oct 05, 2018

8 Warning Signs Your Timeshare Agent is a Crook

warning sign Do you own a timeshare property you'd like to sell? There are legitimate real estate brokers who can help you, but watch out for scammers as well.

Oct 16, 2018

3 Advantages of a Pre-Approved Mortgage

When preparing to buy a house, most people start with a real estate agent. But visiting a lender for a pre-approved mortgage should be your first step.

Oct 17, 2018

Should You Rent Out Your Summer Home?

summer home Renting out your summer home may seem like an easy way to make some extra cash. But you should consider these things first.

Oct 29, 2018

Do You Wish You'd Never Bought That Timeshare?

lady sitting and thinking Can you get out of your timeshare deal? Check out the best options and the dangers inherent in each.

Oct 17, 2018

Never Make a Major Real Estate Decision on Vacation

couple at vacation house Buying a property while on vacation is a big real estate decision, one you may regret in the future if you're not careful.

Oct 30, 2018

Yes, Even Under the New Tax Law, You Should Still Carry a Big, Long Mortgage

couple looking at house Despite the new tax laws, there are still many reasons you should carry a big, long mortgage.

Oct 30, 2018

The Right Words for Real Estate

Is your house on the market? Remember that the quality and number of words used to describe your real estate are factors in selling it.

Oct 30, 2018

The Role of a Real Estate Agent

Get advice on whether you should use a real estate agent when buying a new home and learn exactly what the agent will and won’t do for you.

Oct 05, 2018

Q&A: Where to Put Money for Building a House?

How to calculate carefully to maintain money when building or buying a home. Focus on a strategy that is designed to produce effective returns net of costs and taxes.

Oct 15, 2018

Q&A: A Reverse Mortgage to Cover Extra Expenses?

House sitting on money Taking out a reverse mortgage can be a viable to cover extra expenses, but it depends on your specific situation.