March 13, 2021: There Was Controversy on Last Week’s Show

It all started with a caller who felt millionaires were bragging. Listen to Ric Edelman set the record straight and share his latest advice.

Duration: 85:21

On this episode:

  • It’s the One-Year Anniversary of the Covid-19 Crisis
    • We mourn all the people we lost and reflect on everything that’s changed. Listen to Ric Edelman share optimistic news in the fight against the virus.
  • The Truth About Women and Money
    • We’re excited to announce the debut of a new webinar dedicated to women. Listen to Ric Edelman announce the details along with his special guest host for the big show.
  • What Should I Do With an Inheritance?
    • That’s what a listener wanted to know when she called into the show. Listen to Ric Edelman help her with his valuable advice.
    • You probably beam with confidence when you hear those words. Listen to Ric and Jean Edelman share an inspiring word of the week.

Photo by Lloyd Blunk on Unsplash