March 27, 2021: The truth about women and money

Tune in for a very special show. Listen to Isabel Barrow fill in for Ric Edelman and focus on women and money.

Duration: 85:01

On this episode:

  • Women tend to live 5 years longer than men
    • There’s good and bad news in this statistic. Listen to Isabel Barrow explain and help you understand what it means for women in retirement.
  • Only 68% of women are saving in a retirement plan
    • In contrast, about 81% of men contribute to a retirement plan. Listen to Isabel Barrow share more startling numbers and define the bag lady syndrome.
  • The median age of becoming a widow is 59
    • That’s because women tend to be younger than their spouses and live longer than men. Listen to Isabel Barrow explain how this can impact the quality of life in your later years. 
  • Did the pandemic hurt women more than men?
    • New data seems to suggest that’s the case. Listen to Isabel Barrow reveal the shocking findings.