January 30, 2021: The Economy Grew by 4% Last Quarter

It’s great news considering the difficulties we’ve all faced. Listen to Ric Edelman to understand what it means for your money as he shares his latest advice.

Duration: 83:37

On this episode:

  • What Is Going on With GameStop?
    • It seems like everybody in the financial media is talking about this stock. Listen to Ric Edelman reveal the truth and explain why it’s all sheer nonsense.
  • Here Is What Americans Are Doing With Stimulus Checks
    • Some plan to spend the money on fun things like travel. Listen to Ric Edelman share the surprising thing that 33% of people are doing with the cash.
  • This 18-Year-Old Made $1 Million in 2 Months
    • She did it by using technology. Listen to Ric Edelman talk to rising star Katie Feeney about her amazing story. 
  • These Are the 5 Stages of GRIEF
    • Every human being on this planet experiences these feelings. Listen to Ric and Jean Edelman explain how you can move forward from a loss.