November 28, 2020: Thank You Nurses, Doctors and Other Frontline Workers

All of us owe you a great debt of gratitude. Listen to Isabel Barrow fill in for Ric Edelman on this very special holiday weekend show.

Duration: 82:47

On this episode:

  • Would Janet Yellen Reactivate Lending Programs as Treasury Secretary?
    • Reports indicate that Biden intends to nominate Yellen to the position. Listen to Isabel Barrow explain the potential implications for the economy and jobs.
  • Holiday Shopping During a Pandemic
    • Many parts of life just aren’t the same this year because of Covid-19. Listen to Isabel Barrow share a timely guide to this year’s unusual shopping season.
  • Withdrawing Money From Your Retirement Plan Early Can Be Costly
    • But what if you’re dealing with an emergency expense? Listen to Isabel Barrow talk through your options.
  • Tax Planning Opportunities for 2020
    • The end of the year is fast approaching. Listen to Isabel Barrow relay important and timely tax information.