December 19, 2020: Season’s Greetings to Everybody

Someone had their holiday gift delivered early. Listen to Ric Edelman tell the story and share his latest advice on how to improve your personal finances.

Duration: 83:21

On this episode:

  • More Than 43 Million Americans Have Student Loans
    • Some people are proposing a debt waiver and a majority of those surveyed approve of the proposal. Listen to Ric Edelman for the latest details on this breaking story.
  • Is the Stock Market Really in a Frenzy?
    • That’s what Warren Buffett’s business partner recently said. Listen to Ric Edelman examine the claim.
  • Here’s How to Know if You Need Help Planning Your Finances
    • There are three things you need to effectively manage your own finances. Listen to Ric Edelman reveal the list and explain how you can get help. 
  • This Was the Year of BEING
    • It’s a reflective time of year and what a year it has been. Listen to Ric and Jean Edelman spread some inspiration with another word of the week.