November 21, 2020: Our Hearts Go Out to Everybody This Thanksgiving

It’s the most important time of year for family and practicing gratitude. Listen to Ric Edelman make the most of this unusual holiday season.

Duration: 82:47

On this episode:

  • A Major Oil Company Is Suspending Retirement Plan Contributions
    • Will other companies do the same? Listen to Ric Edelman relay the very latest on the financial and economic fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • How to Avoid Going Into Debt This Shopping Season
    • Many folks will use credit cards to purchase gifts. Listen to Ric Edelman share three tips on how to stay within your budget.
  • Are You Traveling for the Holidays?
    • The vast majority Americans say they plan on staying home this year. Listen to Ric Edelman talk about the shocking trends unfolding into year’s end.
  • Can Your Next Purchase Wait Until LATER?
    • There are many virtues associated with delayed gratification. Listen to Ric and Jean Edelman give you some savvy financial advice.