February 6, 2021: It Takes Time to Build Wealth

Some young investors obviously have not learned this lesson. Listen to Ric Edelman relay important advice amid all the speculative activity going on in the market.

Duration: 83:43

On this episode:

  • The GameStop Saga Continues
    • The next chapter of this story involves an online brokerage firm. Listen to Ric Edelman reveal the important lesson in this wild series of events.
  • Introducing Retirement Income Security for Everyone
    • RISE is an innovative solution to our country’s retirement crisis. Listen to Ric Edelman present the details of his proposal.
  • Why Are Investors Withdrawing Money from a Fund Company?
    • It might have something to do with a disinterest in stock picking. Listen to Ric Edelman reveal the story. 
  • Create Some New Happy Times With a GIFT
    • For you, it might be a pizza night, decorating cupcakes or gazing at the stars. Listen to Ric and Jean Edelman share a fun word of the week.