January 9, 2021: How Are You Doing After the Events of Last Week?

We’re shocked, infuriated and deeply saddened. Listen to Ric Edelman share a powerful message and help put things in perspective.

Duration: 83:52

On this episode:

  • A Look at the Economy and Markets in 2021
    • The K-shaped economic recovery continues and the stock market is at all-time highs. Listen to Ric Edelman give his outlook for the year and share a recap of 2020.
  • How Has the Market Historically Performed Under a Democrat Majority?
    • The results might surprise you. Listen to Ric Edelman to get the numbers, along with the same findings under Republican-controlled governments.
  • Explore the New Year With HEALTH
    • There are three things you must do to find your balance. Listen to Ric and Jean Edelman share a word of the week and timely advice. 
  • What Are the Implications of the 2020 Census on Your Finances?
    • The preliminary data is revealing important trends. Listen to Ric Edelman reveal these findings and discuss the consequences.

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