February 13, 2021: Happy Valentine’s and Presidents Day Weekend

We hope you’re enjoying the holiday weekend with someone you love. Listen to Ric Edelman share his latest advice, plus answer questions from listeners like you.

Duration: 82:57

On this episode:

  • The Truth About the $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Package
    • Will the minimum wage be raised to $15 an hour? Listen to Ric Edelman reveal the very latest on the proposed plan.
  • Who Was Really Behind the Runup in GameStop Stock?
    • Federal officials are examining the conduct of many people involved in the incident. Listen to Ric Edelman share an unusual chapter of this story.
  • Retirement Income Security for Everyone Costs Nothing
    • By contrast, Sen. Corey Booker’s proposal would cost taxpayers $60 billion per year. Listen to Ric Edelman compare the two plans for tackling inequality. 
  • Bring JOY Back to Your Life
    • You can choose the ripples in your life. Listen to Ric and Jean Edelman share an inspiring word of the week.