November 7, 2020: Be Happy You’re Not a Market Timer

Uncertainty and volatility are at extremes. When will all this settle down? Listen to Ric discuss this and the implications of the election results.

Duration: 82:47

On this episode:

  • Who Did Your Neighbor Really Vote For?
    • You might be able to tell by their first name. Listen to Ric Edelman explain and talk about the investment strategy to consider post-election.
  • Popular Actor Chadwick Boseman Recently Died of Colon Cancer
    • Boseman died without a will. Listen to Ric Edelman examine the ramifications and explain why it’s essential to engage in estate planning.
  • Taxes Permeate Virtually Everything in Your Life
    • No matter who wins the election, you must deal with existing tax laws. Listen to Ric Edelman share seven ideas to consider before year’s end.
  • It’s the Time of Year for PIE
    • The Could you use an oasis amid all the turmoil? Listen to Ric and Jean Edelman share a few things you can look forward to experiencing in the weeks ahead.