SUNNYVALE, Calif. — November 7, 2019 — Edelman Financial Enginesthe largest independent financial planning and investment advisor2has appointed Kelly O’Donnell to lead its workplace businessdriving innovation and growth strategies for the offerings available to employers and employeesIn this role, Ms. O’Donnell will report directly to the company’s president and chief executive officer, Larry Raffone. She is based in Boston.

Previously, Ms. O’Donnell served as chief administrative officer and chief risk officeroverseeing the company’s strategic plan and expansion of capabilities through mergers and acquisitions. She spent the first half of her 16-year career at Edelman Financial Engines developing plan provider and sponsor relationships while leading workplace marketing, product and strategy initiatives.

Kelly’s in-depth knowledge of our workplace business and longstanding industry relationships will play a key role in advancing our strategy and I am excited to have her lead our workplace business into its next phase of growth,” Mr. Raffone said. “As Head of Workplace, Kelly will take ownership of our workplace strategymarketing and distribution initiatives to ensure millions of plan participants have access to comprehensive advisory and financial planning services they all deserve.”

Prior to joining the firm in 2003, Ms. O’Donnell spent five years at Cerulli Associates as a consultant and analyst. In this role, she co-led research on scalable advice long before the emergence of modern-day robo-advisors or managed accounts programs. As a consultant to Financial Enginesa Silicon Valley fintech start-up at the time, she saw potential in the company to leverage its proprietary technology to bring institutional-quality, affordable investment advice to hardworking Americans.

I am proud to represent a company that is in the unique position to help employees save and invest for retirement with high-quality and affordable advisory services that are free from product conflict,” Ms. O’Donnell said. “We are fortunate and grateful to work with leading record keepers and thousands of plan sponsors who represent over $1 trillion in retirement savings. As I enter this new role, I see huge potential in continuing to innovate our award-winning advisory services while bringing new financial solutions to an even larger pool of employees. My calling remains unchanged from 16 years ago when I joined the company – to provide all hardworking Americans access to the independent high-quality financial advice they deserve.

Ms. O’Donnell is also the founder and executive sponsor of Edelman Financial Engines’ Women in Leadership program to advance women leaders and give them resources that help them invest in their personal and professional development as well as the company’s program to attract, develop, and retain women planners. In addition, Ms. O’Donnell’s rich experience has made her a trusted voice for testifying on industry issues on Capitol Hill, presenting at financial technology conferences on the future of innovation in the industry, and as a trusted resource for the media and analyst community on the topic of women & investing.

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