Question: My girlfriend has been bugging me about investing in the Iraqi currency — the dinar. She says something is going to happen soon to make it skyrocket in value. She just won’t let go of it. So I thought you could help me understand what’s going on and whether I should take her advice and get in on this deal. What’s your opinion?

Ric: It is a scam, and your girlfriend is being deceived.

The Iraqi economy is a shambles, and therefore its currency — the dinar — isn’t worth very much (1,200 dinars is roughly equal to one U.S. dollar at this writing). Scammers claim the dinar will rise sharply in value as Iraq stabilizes politically.

One scam we heard claimed that a $1,000 investment in the dinar would grow quickly to $100 million. Another version two years ago held that some announcement was going to be made at the United Nations causing the dinar to rise in value. But the date passed and nothing occurred. By the way, the world was also supposed to end in December 2012 according to the Mayan calendar, remember?

If the person offering to sell dinars to you believes the price is going to jump from $1,000 to $100 million, why is he selling to you instead of hoarding all the dinars he can get? Clearly, he’d rather have your thousand bucks. Think about that.

I have a deeper question.

Why is your girlfriend so adamant about this?

I suspect she is unhappy or disturbed about something in her life. Psychologists say many people fall victim to scams when they feel something is missing from their lives or when they are depressed.

Your girlfriend’s interest in this “investment” might really be her way of reaching out for help.

You need to talk with her, because I suspect her true thoughts really have nothing to do with the dinar.