Heaven can wait … but estate planning can’t.

Estate plans deal with the topics that no one likes to think or talk about — accidents, illness, the inability to care for ourselves and, ultimately, death.

But we know you will face these issues eventually — even if the actuarial tables say you have many more years to live, fate may have other plans — and will be creating a tremendous amount of work for your loved ones if you procrastinate and fail to put a plan in place.

If, for example, you become incapacitated due to an accident or illness, your family will face an arduous legal process to have you declared incompetent, so they are able to manage your affairs.

And if you pass away without documents in place, they will have to go through a difficult, lengthy probate process.

Is that the legacy you’d like to leave?

Death combined with money can bring out the worst in people. By putting your plan in place, you will be saving your loved ones a great deal of difficulty and anguish that you probably aren’t even aware of.