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Edelman Financial Engines is America's largest independent investment advisory firm2, ranked #1 for quality in 2019 by Barrons1. In addition to serving more than 1.1 million clients across the country, our experienced planners offer comprehensive financial advice and investment management services in the Federal Way area.

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Edelman Financial Engines' comprehensive approach to planning and use of proprietary technology can help you and your family achieve your financial goals, including:

  • Planning your retirement
  • Managing your investments
  • Planning your estate and leaving a legacy for your heirs
  • Managing your personal finances
  • Preparing for life events (births, marriage, education funding, job loss, etc.)
  • Reviewing your insurance coverage to ensure you and your loved ones are protected
  • Evaluating employer benefits and career planning

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When it comes to our clients, we're "all-in." We actively seek ways to make our clients' lives better, whether it's working alongside policymakers or innovating within our business to improve financial security. Our sole motivation is to serve your best interests, always. It's a commitment we've made to our clients for the past 30 years, and will continue to make to you.

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Chad Kasper

Director, Financial Planning


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Dimas Lizardo

Director, Financial Planning

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Norm Thomson

Director, Financial Planning


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