Edelman Financial Succession Planning

What happens to you if your Financial Planner retires, falls ill or dies? It’s very important that management of your assets and access to financial advice is not impeded. 

That’s why we’ve instituted a Succession Plan at Edelman Financial for each of our firm’s financial planners.  Every Edelman planner adheres to the firm’s philosophy, methodology and approach to financial planning and investment management. We call it: One Face, One Voice. Every Edelman planner undergoes our firm’s training, supported by ongoing continuing education, to ensure that each client enjoys the same advice and experience, regardless of which Financial Planner serves you.

Although your financial plan is unique, reflecting your personal situation with an emphasis on your goals, investment objectives,  risk tolerance, time horizon, and other important factors, the process your planner follows and the advice you receive conform to the firm’s fundamental philosophy to the entire realm of personal finance. And your investment portfolio is provided through the Edelman Managed Asset Program®. Its portfolios are developed and managed by the firm’s Investment Committee, comprised of many of the firm’s planners. No client has to worry that their portfolio is invented at the whim of any single individual. Instead, we all adhere to the firm’s aggregate approach to investment management.

This means you aren’t relying on the conjecture of just one individual. Instead, you benefit from the collective wisdom of the firm’s planners – resulting in more consistent, comprehensive advice. Not only is our advice tested and evaluated before it is provided to any client, you get an important additional advantage: Every financial planner in the firm has the experience you need for the financial planning and investment management advice you might receive from us. As a result, you are assured of continuity even if your Edelman planner is away – out sick, on vacation, or permanently unavailable through retirement, disability or death. Any other Edelman planner can step in immediately and seamlessly, quickly becoming familiar with your account and your situation, ready and able to provide you with the advice you need, despite your other planner’s absence. The best part: the advice you get from the successor planner will be the same as you would have received from your initial planner.

That’s why every Edelman planner carefully maintains full records of each client meeting and conversation – not only to serve as their own reminders for follow-up and execution, but to provide context for successor planners if and when that ever becomes necessary. Information regarding each client’s accounts and transactions, along with advisor notes and client communications, are maintained in the firm’s secure centralized database that become available to the successor planner only as needed, helping assure a seamless transition and uninterrupted service for you.

There is no question that your Edelman advisor will one day leave the firm. When that day comes, we will strive to minimize any disruption for you.