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Home protection starts with a list

Simplify the insurance claim process with a home inventory list.

Hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, hailstorms, earthquakes, snowstorms, floods and wildfires. We know a natural disaster may come, even though we don’t know when. You can protect yourself financially by living in areas that are less susceptible to property damage and using construction and prevention techniques that minimize damage.

But that’s not enough. If you do end up with damaged property, you’ll need to file an insurance claim with your carrier, and it will require a detailed list of everything that was lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. In other words, you need to create and maintain an inventory list of all your possessions.

To create your home inventory, enter each room of your house. Take photos of everything in the room – and put a ruler, your hand or a person in the photo to provide scale. Attach receipts to the photo. Provide as much detail about each item as you can, including brand and model, date purchased, purchase price, serial number and description (such as a sofa’s length).

Store your inventory in the cloud or place a copy at a remote location. After all, keeping the list at home won’t help if the house – and everything in it – is destroyed.

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