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Your ideal career should excite you and match your interests, but also fit your lifestyle and help you achieve your financial goals. Technology and innovation are changing the way we work, so you want to make sure you’re thinking about the future too.

Your Challenges

Americans change jobs every four years, on average.1 When it’s time for your next move, we can help you make the most of your transition. Common challenges include:

  • I was laid off. How do I manage my expenses until I get a new job?
  • I’m worried about job security. How can I protect myself and my lifestyle?
  • Do I need new skills? If so, how do I get the training I need, and how will I pay for it?
  • When I leave my job, what should I do with the money in my employer’s retirement plan?
  • How do I maximize my employee benefits?
  • I get a pension when I retire. Should I take the money in a lump sum or monthly payments?

1Bureau of Labor Statistics. “Number of Jobs, Labor Market Experience, and Earnings Growth: Results from a National Longitudinal Survey Summary.” Aug. 22, 2019.

Our Services

Managing money is one thing. Earning it is another. At Edelman Financial Engines, we help you do both. Our career advice can help you earn more money and enjoy higher job satisfaction. Our services include:

Financial Planning

Investment Management

Retirement Planning

Career Growth & Advancement Guidance

Life Transitions

Employee Benefit Analysis

Retirement Plan Distribution Review

Pension Advice

Tax Optimization Strategies

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