The Truth About Retirement Plans and IRAs

# 1 National Bestseller

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You work hard and save money as best you can, so you can one day enjoy a life of comfort and financial security in retirement. This #1 national bestseller1 helps you get there. If you’re relatively new to workforce, you’ll learn the importance of saving — and how to do it even if you think you can’t afford to. If you’re in the middle of your career, with money already accumulated in your retirement account at work as well as in IRAs, you’ll discover how that money should be invested — and how to take maximum advantage of your investment options and tax law so you can reach retirement as well prepared as possible. And if you are near or in retirement, you’ll learn how to position your retirement savings so it can produce income for you — not only for today, but for the rest of your life. No matter what happens in life, you can still ensure that you enjoy a happy, successful retirement, and this book shows you the way — in a breezy, casual style that’s truly fun to read!

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1The Washington Post, Washington Bestsellers Paperback Nonfiction General. April 20, 2014.