The New Rules of Money

88 Strategies for Financial Success Today

money rules

The New Rules of Money: 88 Strategies for Financial Success Today, gives you the fundamental -- and vital -- basics you need to make the most of your money.

Fundamental information like:

  • Pay No Attention to The Dow Jones Industrial Average -- even though it is discussed on every evening's newscast
  • Never Accept a New Job Just to Get a Higher Salary -- you might actually be poorer in the end
  • Do Not Save Money in a Child's Name -- it could cost them the college of their choice
  • Never Own Your Home Outright. Instead, Get a Big 30-Year Mortgage, and Never Pay It Off -- Regardless of Your Age and Income
  • Stop Trying to Achieve Investment Success Through Stock-Picking
  • Start giving money to your kids now -- Don't Wait Until You Die
  • Why the Time to Do Your Taxes is June 1, Not April 15
  • Never Buy Life Insurance for Investment Purposes
  • Never, Never Diversify Your Retirement Plan
  • Retirement, the Most Awesome Social Innovation of the 20th Century, Will Not Exist in the 21st Century. Plan Accordingly.

While your parents and grandparents paid relatively little in taxes, you lose more than a third of your incomes to the tax collector. Prices for goods and services were stable for the first 60 years of this century, but you must buy today to avoid tomorrow's price increase. The result? You are earning more than ever - but you also save less than ever. And, by living longer, you increase the risk that you will outlive your income.

In The New Rules of Money, Ric Edelman puts you on the right financial course. His 88 strategies are fun to read and easy to follow, and he shows you how to maximize your personal finances in today's economic climate. He tells you the best strategies for paying for college, buying a home, saving on taxes, and choosing the right investments. He changes your thinking on insurance, retirement, and estate planning.

The New Rules of Money by Ric Edelman is for everyone; whether you are single or married, young or old, wealthy or in debt, starting out or starting over. No matter what your economic situation, it is time for you to change the way you think about personal finance. Ric Edelman will show you the way.

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