The Lies About Money

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Ric's unparalleled ability to explain complex financial concepts in a fun and entertaining way resonates with readers. In this book he shares his most valuable lessons gained through two decades of working directly with individuals and families. He reveals the lies that have infiltrated your retail mutual funds and retirement accounts, and teaches you how to invest your money in your employer retirement plan, how to save for college, and for those who are retired, how to generate more income without sacrificing security. He shows you that proper money management has nothing to do with "hot tips" and everything to do with scientific analysis, bolstered by solid academic research and historical data. Ric explains exactly how the mutual fund scandal has caused him to change the way he manages his own money and the money entrusted to his firm by thousands of clients nationwide. Along the way, Ric shows you the secrets to investment success -- a long-term focus, the importance of diversification, and the crucial need for (and methods of) portfolio rebalancing.

And the book doesn't stop there -- it will actually help you build an investment portfolio, one designed specifically around your needs. The book features a 24-page color insert containing 43 portfolio models, each based on the Edelman Managed Asset Program®, one of the largest and fastest-growing money management programs in the country. Ric's fun, interactive Guide to Portfolio Selection® will lead you on a fascinating journey through the book's pages, taking you to the portfolio that's right for you!

Imagine being able to invest your money the same way the nation's biggest institutional investors, pension funds and endowments invest their money. Ric Edelman shows you how to manage risk, lower your fees and improve your returns, just like the professional investors who manage billions of dollars -- using time-tested, proven methods based on the latest academic research. You'll discover that ordinary retail mutual funds don't follow these fundamental principles, using instead deceptive business practices that interfere with your investment goals.

With insight and strategies that will change people's lives, The Lies About Money offers the truth that everyone is looking for.

What You’ll Discover Inside

  • Do Investments Leave You Bewildered? Find Your Way Using Ric’s GPS (Guide to Portfolio Selection)
    Ric’s guide is fun and easy to use! By answering just a few simple questions, you’ll discover which of Ric’s forty-three portfolio models is best for you. Turn to page 192 to get started!
  • Are Your Mutual Funds Ripping You Off? Discover the Shocking Revelations in Ric’s Mutual Fund Scandal Timeline
    Deceptive marketing practices. Illegal market timing and late trading. Excessive charges. Hidden fees. Are your mutual funds among those implicated in the scandal? Find out inside -- Ric names names and shows you what’s really going on at the biggest mutual fund and brokerage firms in the country. Turn to page 93 for the gory details.
  • Knowledge is Golden -- Here are Some Big Nuggets
    Investing doesn’t have to be a black box. Beta, the Sharpe Ratio and the Fama-French 3-Factor Model sound intimidating at first, but Ric makes it all quite simple and easy to understand. Instantly, you’ll learn how to benefit from the most brilliant minds in academia -- using their proven methods for achieving long-term investment success. You’ll look incredibly smart at that next cocktail party, too! Turn to page 41 for Ric’s speed-course.
  • Beware Those who Tout Life Insurance as an Investment
    Insurance is important, but not when it comes to investing -- and anyone who says otherwise is a liar. If you’ve been pitched the idea of buying life insurance as an investment, go no further until you read Ric’s expose! Turn to page 257 to learn the facts.
  • Will Baby Boomers Cause the Stock Market to Nosedive?
    Will the stock market crash as the Baby-Boomers retire? Turn to page 283 to find out what the Age Wave means for your investment strategy.

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