Discover the Wealth Within You

A Financial Plan for Creating a Rich and Fulfilling Life

wealth creation

Everyone knows that financial planning is all about goals. But most people incorrectly think that financial goals consist of paying for a child's college education, covering major medical expenses and preparing for retirement. Discover The Wealth Within You will change your perception of financial planning.

Its jargon-free explanations and easy-to-follow charts and illustrations, coupled with real-life anecdotes and Ric Edelman's irrepressible humor, bring an intimidating subject down to earth. As he guides you through the process of setting goals and finding the means of realizing them, Edelman shows that the secret of attaining wealth is within everyone's grasp.   Some examples of the unique advice you'll discover inside:

  • The 4 Steps to Successful Goal Setting Ric shows you the secrets to getting what you want out of life.
  • How to Pick Mutual Funds Learn the right way to pick the funds that are right for you.
  • The Truth About Creating a Financial Plan It's not complicated or difficult when using Ric's recipe.
  • Learn How to Invest Like a Professional Ric shows you how to adopt the secrets of America's biggest institutional money managers
  • Too Many Americans Own Too Much Employer Stock The Enron mess was predictable and easily avoidable. Let Ric show you how to protect yourself.
  • The First Real Consumer Guide to Morningstar The ranking system that virtually all mutual fund investors rely on to invest trillions of dollars -- and almost no one uses it correctly.
  • Why Owning Index Funds is a Bad Idea Learn about "The World's Dumbest Investor."