We are Edelman Financial Engines…
and we are excited about your financial future.

Two companies come together. The way people plan, save and invest is forever transformed.


Edelman Financial Services was founded more than 30 years ago by acclaimed financial planner Ric Edelman. In 1986, Ric and his wife and business partner, Jean, were convinced that the financial services industry was failing to serve the vast majority of Americans. They themselves had a terrible experience with a financial advisor they’d hired (he told them to lie on their mortgage application!) and this angered them so much that they decided to teach themselves how personal finance works, so they could share what they’d learned with others. That was the inspiration for forming their firm: to help the overlooked investor—the ones most in need of clear, easy-to-understand financial advice and education. This simple focus to put clients first remains the cornerstone of the firm to this day.

Their message, and this honest way of doing business, resonated with Americans across the country. Ric’s common-sense, straightforward wisdom, delivered in an entertaining way, helped the firm grow into what is now one of America’s largest independent financial planning and investment management firms—and has helped spur a national dialogue on retirement security thanks to Ric’s thought leadership and his efforts to empower Americans through financial education.

Meanwhile, in Silicon Valley, a similar movement began over 20 years ago. Stanford University professor—and Nobel Prize-winning economist—William Sharpe co-founded Financial Engines in the belief that American investors deserved unbiased comprehensive financial planning and professional-level investment management and advice. The goal was to apply the complex investment techniques traditionally available only to high-net worth, sophisticated investors to help mainstream individual investors achieve their retirement goals. Financial Engines was a pioneer of the financial technology sector by delivering high-quality investment methodology through cutting-edge technology – to help people who have been underserved by the financial services industry make the most of their hard earned savings. In order to share this advice with as many people as possible, Financial Engines took advantage of the burgeoning internet to launch the industry’s first independent online advice platform.  

Financial Engines became the nation’s dominant advice provider to help people choose options and invest wisely in their workplace retirement plans like 401(k)s. The strong ties with employers gave Financial Engines a unique opportunity to form direct relationships with their employees.  Today, Financial Engines has earned the trust of over 760 of America’s largest employers to provide independent financial help to over 10 million participants in their 401(k) retirement plan.          

Our mission is to help you enjoy a successful financial future.

Today, Edelman Financial Engines is America’s largest independent investment advisor,* with over 325 financial planners in 180 offices nationwide, serving over 1.1 million clients and managing over $200 billion in assets under management.1 But more importantly, is the quality of our help. In 2018, Barron’s ranked us the #1 Independent Financial Advisory firm** in the nation.

But being an award-winning firm isn’t about us. It’s about our focus on you – our commitment to serve people like you. The vision of our founders remains our mission – we remain solely focused on providing you the personalized advice and service you want, need and deserve.  We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you, and you can be certain that we’ll do so with the full commitment we provide to each and every client. You’re important to us, and we’ll prove it to you every day.

Ric and Jean Edelman found Edelman Financial Services
Financial Engines, pioneers in online financial advice, is founded
Financial Engines introduces 401(k) Professional Management to the workplace
Barron's names Ric Edelman the #1 in their list of the Top Independent Advisors2
For the second year in a row, Barron's names Ric Edelman #1 in their list of the Top Independent Advisors2
Financial Engines launches the first retirement income solution designed specifically for 401(k) plans
Ric Edelman publishes his 4th edition of the New York Times bestselling book "The Truth About Money"
Barron's names Ric Edelman the #1 in their list of the Top Independent Advisors2 for a record third time
Financial Engines expands into IRA management
Financial Engines offers Social Security guidance and income planning
Hellman & Friedman become majority owner of Edelman Financial Services
Financial Engines acquires The Mutual Fund Store to offer comprehensive financial planning and face-to-face investment advice
Financial Engines surpasses 1 million clients
Barron's select EFS as the top independent advisory firm in America**
Edelman Financial Services and Financial Engines become Edelman Financial Engines

As of September 30, 2018.

Rankings for 2009, 2010 and 2012. Barron's ranking has three major components: assets managed, revenue produced and quality of the advisor's practice. Does not assess investment returns. Quality-of-practice component includes advisor regulatory record. Rankings based on universe of applications submitted through self-nomination to Barron’s.